True Value of Coin Collecting

The True Value of Coin Collecting

Stories abound from Bankrate and others about how the pandemic has led to a coin shortage across the country. You can hardly go to a fast-food restaurant drive thru without seeing a sign in the window regarding the “national coin shortage”. I say shortage schmortage. The real national shortage that we should be concerned about […]

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What’s the Value in Coin Collecting?

I remember when my son’s fourth grade class was learning about the Civil War. Like many boys and seemingly fewer girls that age judging by the feedback of my third-grade daughter at the time, the subject matter was pretty interesting. Interesting enough to do a Google search on Fort Sumter and to want to visit […]

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What We Know about Crown Types

Tweet This week I want to add another identification tip for Roman Imperial coinage – the type of crown the emperor is wearing. I will review three basic types of crowns you are most likely to encounter and what denominations they may represent. Each crown is typically associated with a type of coin denomination and […]

Byzantine Coinage

Byzantine Coinage

As promised in last week’s article – I’m going to share some information and identification tips for Byzantine Coinage. Byzantine coinage is very interesting and a definite departure from their Roman past. Gone are the detailed images of Emperors, replaced now by an “abstract” style of imagery. The Emperors are typically represented as “spiritual” beings, […]


Identification of Ancient Coins

I have had some interesting discussions recently with my kids on identification of ancient coins. We happen to be looking at an ad in a coin publication for an upcoming ancient coin auction, and my kids wanted to “test me” on the ability to classify ancient coins only by looking at the photos. I was […]

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Civil War Tokens – Getting Started

Recently my blogs have been on Ancient Coins, but today I want to refocus back to another of my favorites – Civil War Tokens. Civil War Tokens are a popular and exciting field of Exonomia Civil War Tokens appeared in the early 1860s due to a shortage of government issued coinage.  First gold and silver […]

Should you follow the trend in the Coin Market

Should you follow the trends in the Coin Market?

Coin market trends – what are they  – and should we care? The times they are a changing wrote Bob Dylan, but although he wasn’t talking about coins we’ll capture his sentiment. Throughout the history of numismatics the coin market was varied and had its ups and downs.  One thing could be all the rage […]

Top 5 Questions about Ancient Coin Collecting

The Five most asked questions about Ancient Coins!

Since I started this site and especially since I created my subscriber list, I get a lot of questions and comments about Ancient Coins. Keep them coming! So what I thought I would do on this week’s blog is share the Top 5 Questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind. So here we go… […]

How to form a great collection

How to form a great collection.

Believe it or not – A great collection need not cost a fortune. This may sound contrary to what you may hear in the coin press or media, but it is true. I can speak first hand of fine collections being formed with little cost. I myself have formed really nice collections (in my view) […]

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The best way to keep a collecting record.

You probably have many methods of keeping a record or note regarding your collection.  Perhaps you keep key information written on a coins holder.  Maybe you include notes on the receipt.  Whatever the method, I’m going to suggest that without a notebook – it’s not enough! You may be missing out on the biggest opportunity […]