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The Census, Genealogy, and Our Hobby

Perhaps one of the most exciting hobbies to emerge in the last decade is Genealogy and the research of one’s family tree.  With companies like Ancestry, people are eager to get involved in learning about their family tree and the census can be the key! At the same time I am writing this, I am […]

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Secure Your Collection Like a Professional

You may be asking how to secure your collection? Where should you keep your collection? Where is the safest place to store your Gold and Silver? Learn how to secure your collection right now. This one is simple and should come as no surprise… Safe deposit boxes are one of the best places to store […]

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The Secret about Gold and Silver…

First off, this is not investment advice, I offer my thoughts here for your consideration. I have been thinking more and more about this: Gold and Silver are perhaps the only “asset” that is not someone else’s liability, a pure asset. Let me explain. The US Dollar is sometimes described as an asset – that […]

PART 3. Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD.

The Praetorian Guards, after murdering Pertinax, began an auction for the throne. Rock bottom. Rome at its lowest. The high bidder – Didius Julianus.  Allegedly promising 25,000 sestertii per guard, enough to buy the throne. The guards march him into the senate where he was hailed Emperor. However, the people of Rome had enough and […]

PART 2. Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD.

With Commodus now dead, the first of the “new” emperors  was Pertinax. The son of a merchant, he came from an ordinary life but went on to high levels of government.  He did this through hard work and true talent.   He was a teacher, and then joined the military, rising to the rank of […]

Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD.

Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD. Part 1. Septimus Severus Septimus Severus was a North African general who went on to rule Rome in what was an exciting and dangerous time. His life and legacy left a significant mark on the empire. First, a little background – […]

I am not a literary expert.

I am not a literary expert. I like Hemingway. I enjoy his writing.  I love his short stories, but I love them retroactively.  I’ll explain. A Canary For One.  I just read it this week. It is short, 5 pages. Easy, so you would think.  Quick read. But…The dialogue is, well it is, average. The […]

Building a U.S. Type Set

Building a U.S. Type Set It can be daunting to narrow down a collecting field to specific specialty.  I have said before, I’ve explored many areas of collecting, and continue to do so. With regard to U.S. coins it was always a challenge for me to stay focused. For instance I wanted to collect Morgan […]

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I Might be a Nerd

I might be a nerd… Recently, I was told that I go back and forth between – being really, really cool, and a complete nerd. They tell me the addition of one extra word or piece of information, is all it takes for me to switch. It is a slippery slope for sure. I’m not […]