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What We Know about Crown Types

Tweet This week I want to add another identification tip for Roman Imperial coinage – the type of crown the emperor is wearing. I will review three basic types of crowns you are most likely to encounter and what denominations they may represent. Each crown is typically associated with a type of coin denomination and […]

Byzantine Coinage

Byzantine Coinage

As promised in last week’s article – I’m going to share some information and identification tips for Byzantine Coinage. Byzantine coinage is very interesting and a definite departure from their Roman past. Gone are the detailed images of Emperors, replaced now by an “abstract” style of imagery. The Emperors are typically represented as “spiritual” beings, […]

Top 5 Questions about Ancient Coin Collecting

The Five most asked questions about Ancient Coins!

Since I started this site and especially since I created my subscriber list, I get a lot of questions and comments about Ancient Coins. Keep them coming! So what I thought I would do on this week’s blog is share the Top 5 Questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind. So here we go… […]

PART 3. Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD.

The Praetorian Guards, after murdering Pertinax, began an auction for the throne. Rock bottom. Rome at its lowest. The high bidder – Didius Julianus.  Allegedly promising 25,000 sestertii per guard, enough to buy the throne. The guards march him into the senate where he was hailed Emperor. However, the people of Rome had enough and […]

PART 2. Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD.

With Commodus now dead, the first of the “new” emperors  was Pertinax. The son of a merchant, he came from an ordinary life but went on to high levels of government.  He did this through hard work and true talent.   He was a teacher, and then joined the military, rising to the rank of […]

Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD.

Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD. Part 1. Septimus Severus Septimus Severus was a North African general who went on to rule Rome in what was an exciting and dangerous time. His life and legacy left a significant mark on the empire. First, a little background – […]

Top 5 Biblical Coins

Top 5 Biblical Coins For Your Collection

After discussion with some friends and family, I was asked what my Top 5 Biblical Coins would be for the average collector on an average budget. There are so many good candidates and narrowing it down to my “Top 5” was a challenge. I wanted to balance the following characteristics: Historical Context Scriptural Reference Eye Appeal […]