Top 5 Questions about Ancient Coin Collecting

The Five most asked questions about Ancient Coins!

Since I started this site and especially since I created my subscriber list, I get a lot of questions and comments about Ancient Coins.

Keep them coming!

So what I thought I would do on this week’s blog is share the Top 5 Questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind.

So here we go…

Why are Ancient Coins relatively inexpensive? How could something so old cost so little?

Realize that Ancient Coins cover over 1,000 years, which is much longer than any modern countries minting timeline. Also consider that there were literally hundreds on mints located all over the ancient world.  Combing these facts brings us the reality that there were a tremendous amount of Ancient Coins minted.

Top 5 Ancient Coins FAQ

Add to this, the storage options available in the ancient world. Most people, merchants, armies on the move, etc., would store their coins by burying them, sometimes in clay pots. These coins are often found today by accident, resulting in wonderful hordes of ancient coins.

Now consider that many scholars and experts estimate that less than 1% of Ancient Coins are extant today!

The good news (for you – not for me) is that there are still only a small number of Ancient Coin collectors.  U.S. coins still have the largest number of collectors and see the highest prices relatively speaking.

Ancient Coins are a true bargain!

How can I be assured that your coins are genuine Ancient Coins?

Rest assured that Ancient Coins have been collected for hundreds of years and have been extensively studied.  I have personally studied each coin in my inventory.

All of my coins are guaranteed genuine and come with a full 7 day no question asked return privilege.

How do I get started collecting Ancient Coins?

Getting started is easy.

Review my site, read some blogs, check out some other sites on the internet, go to the library and take out some books on Ancient Coins.

Reading and researching is a really important and a fun part of the hobby.

And of course, I always recommend joining the American Numismatic Association.

But I know… nothing beats having one in your hand!

In that case, I would suggest taking a look at my site and picking out something that appeals to you. I bet the collecting bug will bite you!

In just a short time you can have a genuine Ancient Coin in your collection that you can show to your family and friends.

The most important part is that it will challenge you to research your coin and learn all you can about it – on your way to being an expert!

Top 5 Questions about Ancient Coins

I don’t understand what is written on Ancient Roman Coins, it seems just like random letters?

This need not be frustrating. Understand that the Romans loved titles with their names. Roman coinage, minted in Rome, use Latin letters (as opposed to Greek found on Roman Provincial Coins). This makes it somewhat easier.

This is where research helps.

Check out my How to Read Roman Coins article.

Also, if you subscribe – I’ll send you my tip sheet “Top Twenty Roman Coin Inscriptions” FREE.

I do have an interest in Ancient Coins but I don’t see what I’m looking for on your site?  I have interest in other collectibles, outside of Ancient Coins, can you help?

Simple – Email me!

I have a lot of inventory that is not on my site.  If I don’t have what you’re looking for, perhaps I can point you to a dealer or site that does.

Also, I send out emails to my subscribers with items I may not list on my site.  I just may not have the time to upload onto the site, and it is easier to email to my subscribers based on their preferences.

That is why I’d recommend subscribing (and getting the Tip Sheet for Free)!

Thanks for reading.

And as always – would love your comments!

Happy Collecting!


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