Happy Easter from Ancient Coins and Collectibles!

Happy Easter!

ACAC EasterHappy Easter! What a wonderful time to celebrate the Resurrection – may you and your family be filled with God’s peace.

I began collecting coins as a child and started with foreign coins and then moved to US coins. For many years I collected different series beginning with Lincoln Cents, in very basic – but totally sufficient Whitman Coin Books… I moved to Buffalo Nickels, and Morgan Dollars, and even gold (when gold was less expensive).

Gradually I shifted into tokens: Civil War Tokens and Hard Times Tokens.  I love to study the Civil War and I am equally fascinated with the Jacksonian era and the Hard Times period and the panic of 1837.  But at a coin show in Melville, Long Island I was introduced to Ancient Roman Coins. I remember my first purchase: Septimus Severus.  Which led me to…

Biblical Coins

I like to think I have a strong bond with my Church community and I have many friends there.  I try to practice the faith (Lord knows I need all the help I can get as I constantly fall short by thousands of miles…) but what I love about Biblical Coins is that it provides me a tangible connection to my faith.

I enjoy researching and connecting coins to the Bible.  Having the privilege of teaching CCD, there are times that I am able to bring in coins as sort of a show-and-tell where the children can actually see and experience a connection with Scriptural reference.

When students look and handle a “Widow’s Mite” some are unimpressed with the coin and say its “junky looking” (their words).  I say – exactly! – So think about that, when Jesus says what He says about value of that Widow’s contribution…

The feedback I get is tremendous when they get to handle coins of Pontius Pilate, or Herod, or a portrait coin of the Emperor Nero when we discuss the Martyrdom of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and the persecution of the Christians.

It’s real.

Happy Easter

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Ideas for Building a Collection of Biblical Coins

The Coin Judas received for betraying Jesus?

Coins from the places visited by Saint Paul?

Coin of the Jewish ruler who had John the Baptist beheaded?

Coin of the Roman Emperor when Jesus was born?

There are so many possibilities and choices to connect coins with Sacred Scripture.

Please share any ideas you may have.

Happy Easter!

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