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I Might be a Nerd

I might be a nerd…

Recently, I was told that I go back and forth between – being really, really cool, and a complete nerd.

They tell me the addition of one extra word or piece of information, is all it takes for me to switch. It is a slippery slope for sure.

I’m not sure which I am. I could check with family and friends, or coworkers.

I might be a nerdMy friend, mentor, and former boss Tom goes to Cuba on mission trips. He always brings me back Cuban coins and currency. My friend Nick went to Rome on his honeymoon. He visited the Vatican. He came back with Vatican coinage and stamps for me. Recently a coworker took a much deserved vacation to Peru, I now have Peruvian coinage.

I started this business a few months ago, I told my friend Dom about it. He was happy for me. A week later he had made me two custom hats with my company name and logo on it. A baseball cap and a knit cap for running. He knows I love running. He is amazing.

I guess they know me. What I like, what interest me… and they remember and they act on it.

I am lucky to have friends like that.

Maybe you do, or don’t. I don’t know. You can’t control if someone thinks of you. But you can think of them.

What do they like, what interest them?

You could be that friend that shows kindness, thoughtfulness, and caring. Genuinely wanting to know what makes people in your life happy.

We make a difference in people’s lives. It is an opportunity we sometimes forget.

Bring a coffee to a coworker, smile and talk to the security guard at your office, ask a cashier how their day is going. Connect with people, enjoy their company, and be grateful for their friendship. Think of them.

I hope I have showed kindness… I should take my own advice.

I might be a nerd…I might be a nerd

The coins they bring me, and the interests I have…

…I do like research and can keep myself busy for hours attributing a worn Byzantine coin.

Not everyone collects coins (I don’t know why they don’t) but if they do, perhaps I have something they (or you) are interested in. Please check out my selection of coins and collectibles.

This girl I knew when I was younger sent me a postcard. It was a Winnie the Pooh. It said “A Kindness is long remembered.”

It’s true – I remember it still.

I kept the postcard and all the things my friends have given me, treasures in my permanent collection.

Without judgment, they want me to be happy.

To all my friends – I am eternally grateful for your friendship and good thoughts.

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