Alexander the great silver drachm-obverse
Alexander the Great reverseAlexander the great silver drachm-reverseAlexander the Great

Alexander III (The Great) AR Drachm 336–323 BC


Alexander The Great AR Drachm. 336–323 BC.

Head of Herakles right in lion skin / Zeus seated left holding eagle & scepter, ALEXANDROU to right


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Alexander The Great AR Drachm. 336–323 BC.

Silver drachm.

Head of young Herakles right wearing the skin of the Nemean lion, within dotted border / ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ, Zeus enthroned left, holding scepter and eagle, monogram in left field and under throne.

The Lion Skin is from the Nemeaen Lion killed by Herakles with his bare hands.

VF. Based on position of legs I believe this to be a lifetime issue minted ca. 325-323 BC.

A very important coin and one of nice quality.  High relief on thick flan.

It would make a wonderful addition to your ancient coin collection.


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