Hard Times Token Jackson and Running Boar
Hard Times Token Jackson and Running Boar

Hard Times Token, HT 9, Low-8, Andrew Jackson/Running Boar


Hard Times Token, Andrew Jackson/Running Boar,  HT 9, Low-8. EF.

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Obverse: boar running left, on its flank MY THIRD HEAT, above MY VICTORY, below DOWN WITH THE BANK, around PERISH CREDIT. PERISH COMMERCE. 1834.

Reverse: small military bust of A. Jackson in upper center, MY on his chest, EXPERIMENT  MY CURRENCY MY GLORY below, MY SUBSTITUTE FOR THE U.S. BANK around.

EF. Nice original coppery brown color. Plain edge. Coin turn.

Interesting Facts: The phrase “My Third Heat” is in reference to Andrew Jackson removing two Secretary Of Treasury: Louis McLane and then William Duane. Both refused to go along with the President’s plan tp remove the government’s deposits from the Bank of the United States. On September 23, 1833 he fired Duane and appointed his Attorney General Roger B. Taney as his third Secretary of Treasury – his “Third Heat.”

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