Hard-Times-Tokens-HT-33 Reverse

Hard Times Token, 1837. HT 33, Low-19, Illustrious Predecessor


Hard Times Token, Illustrious Predecessor,  HT 33, Low-19. EF. Original surfaces.

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Obverse: a tortoise carrying on top of its shell a banded strongbox labeled SUB TREASURY, 1837 and FISCAL AGENT in field below, EXECUTIVE EXPERIMENT around top and bottom.

Reverse: a donkey running left, I FOLLOW IN THE above, STEPS underneath, OF MY below, ILLUSTRIOUS PREDECESSOR around top and bottom.

EF. Original surfaces, die break under R in “experiment.” Plain edge. Coin turn.

Interesting Facts: Note the Tortoise carrying a safe, representing the movement of Federal money to state banks or “pet banks.”

The phrase “Illustrious Predecessor” has two potential sources: Jackson’s First Inaugural address (March 4, 1829) or Van Buren’s Inaugural address (March 4, 1837) where he rode in an open carriage with outgoing President Jackson.  Read both speeches and you decide…


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