Hard-Times-Tokens-HT-48 Reverse

Hard Times Token, 1837. HT 48, Low-33,Not One Cent


Hard Times Token, Not One Cent,  HT 48, Low-33. VF.

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Obverse: head of liberty facing left, E PLURIBUS UNUM above, below 1837.

Reverse: wreath , MILLIONS FOR DEFENCE around, NOT ONE CENT FOR TRIBUTE within.

Very nice token – small scratched over NOT. Plain edge. Coin turn. VF.

Interesting Facts: This quote is attributed to Robert G. Harper, a Congressman from South Carolina.  He delivered a speech to House of Representatives on June 18, 1798 regarding President Adam’s recently revealed correspondences related to the French bribery demands in connection with the “XYZ Affair.”

The slogan “Millions for defense – not one cent for tribute” was revived during a period of strained relations with Great Britain (1837-1838).  This tension escalated along the Canadian border.

A great deal of history awaits those interested in the Aroostook War of 1839 and the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842.

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