PART 2. Sun Gods and Blood: The Severan Dynasty and the Civil War of 193 AD.


Emperor Commodus, Denarius,

With Commodus now dead, the first of the “new” emperors  was Pertinax.

The son of a merchant, he came from an ordinary life but went on to high levels of government.  He did this through hard work and true talent.   He was a teacher, and then joined the military, rising to the rank of general under Commodus.  He served as consul and also prefect of Rome.

Although he seems to have high ethics it must be acknowledged that he had more than an inkling of the coup and murder that awaited Commodus.

Once emperor, Pertinax set in motion major changes to the treasury and pushed to remove all forms of corruption from government.  However, when you try to chase out bad people from government, bad people get worse…

86 Days later, on March 28th, the Praetorian Guards rushed the palace, and murdered Pertinax.  Cutting his head off and sticking it on the end of a spear to be shown around town.  Message Received…

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